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An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Members helping members to be free by living free

"Ignorant and free shall never be!" Thomas Jefferson

Can freedom lovers everywhere work as a team? Can we work together for a common goal and make a good income in the process?

The answer is yes, but we must "Circle The Wagons". We must know how to locate, identify, patronize and support others who think and believe as we do. In other words, we need to know who our friends are, and by process of elimination, those who are not our friends.

We need to "vote with our feet", to boycott our oppressors! To stop patronizing their systems! To stop utilizing their services. We can arrest our own destruction by no longer enabling it, paying for it, or supporting it in any other way.

We must create our own systems, our own services, our own private economy, even if this means the creation of an entire "underground" society. We must join together in a single fellowship, united from coast to coast, to support and patronize each other in a shared vision of liberty.

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